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Apparel Search is in the process of updating our wholesale search engine system

As we make adjustments (improvements) to our search capabilities, we are requesting viewers to visit the Apparel Wholesaler website at

The following areas that we have previously built on Apparel Search have now been updated to link directly to the website.

  • Women' s Wear Clothing Wholesale Search 
  • Menswear Clothing Wholesale Search 
  • Children' Wear Clothing Wholesale Search 
  • Fabric Wholesale Search 
  • Clothing Store Fixture Wholesaler Search

Please utilize the search engine on the Apparel Wholesaler website to conduct your research regarding women's wholesale fashion, men's wholesale fashion, kids wholesale fashion, etc. 

Please note that this change is only in regard to the internet search system. 

The Apparel Search wholesale fashion directory is still fully operational.

If you are not searching for wholesale fashion, you may be interested in searching other issues that are relevant to apparel or the fashion industry.  If that is the case, you may want to try the following search categories:

Do not forget to check out the new United States Fashion Wholesalers Guide.


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