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Fashion Widgets - widgets for the fashion industry

This section of Apparel Search previously contained various fashion widgets that we created using a system from SpringWidgets.  We had created widgets that website owners (fashion blogs, fashion websites etc.) could use to put fashion news onto their own website. The widget contained news from the Fashion Newspaper website (another site owned by the Apparel Search Company).

Unfortunately, in an effort to control costs and consolidate products, MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media is shuttering the SpringWidgets (which launched in 2006) and Flektor (acquired in 2007) widget platforms. Therefore, the widgets we previously created no longer work.

The GOOD NEWS is that instead of using a fashion widget, you may want to use a fashion gadget instead.  Or possibly, a fashion app.

Here is an example of a Fashion Widget if you are not sure what one would look like. 

Example of Amazon Widget.

Here are examples that show how you would have been able to add gadgets to your own sites (if the SpringWidgets system was still working): Fashion News Widgets, Fashion Blog Widgets, Fashion Article Widgets, Clothing Industry Jobs Widget, and Fashion Model Widgets.

Check out the Apparel Search Gadgets.

You can also add a Fashion Industry Search Engine to your website.

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If you are familiar with using RSS, you can use the following page to get RSS News feeds from the Fashion Newspaper site..

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